Egypt in exile

In recent years, Egypt has witnessed various changes, on a political, social and cultural level.
From the start of what has been called “the Arab spring” and the hopes for a better future that have
emerged then, to the current disillusion caused by an authoritarian and repressive regime, Egyptian
artists have never stopped to create.

They found a new inspiration not only in the events going on in their country, but also in their own
personal paths, made of migration, encounters, exchanges with other artists, etc.

The project “Egypt in Exile” aims at broadcasting the work of Egyptian artists living and working in
Europe, some of them having left Egypt in the curse of the recent events, others being bi-
nationals and evolving for many years with this double identity. They all present a unique vision of
their motherland, influenced by their own intricate feelings and experiences.

To show the work of these photographers, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, artists and performers, to a European audience is a way to hare their testimony of what happened in Egypt in the recent years. On an artistic basis rather than a journalistic or political one, it is also a way to talk more broadly about intercultural exchanges, and inter-individual encounters, between Arab and European countries. It opens a discussion, which we hope will be fruitful, between civil societies from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea, on a human and personal level, and outside of the political games and media agendas. Finally, it is
also a great opportunity for these artists to make their work known from the European audience and peers, in a cultural scene that is too often limited to already-renowned artists sharing the same
backgrounds and origins.

Ankh association has been established by a group of activists from Egypt who have moved to France in recent years due to the difficult situation there. Our aim is to support minority rights in the Euromediterranean region.


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