Past Projects 

The role of the artists in the Algerian revolution

Round-table with Algerian artists in France

In collaboration with La Colonie, a round-table with artists from Algerian roots residing in France allowed them to talk about their vision of the current uprising in Algeria, how it affects their art form, and what Algerian artists from the diaspora can do to support it from overseas.

This event was part of a Forum of Algerian associations and individuals working on and thinking about the role of the Algerian diaspora in the revolutionary process.

With the participation of ODIA : observatoire de la diaspora algérienne, Acda (Agir pour le changement et la démocratie en Algérie), Dzayer 2.0, APEL Egalité, ANKH association. And in attendance of Amine Khaled, Moh Sif, Sabrina Kassa (journalist), Kader Attia (artist), Gamal Albina (activist), Paloma Colombe (DJ and filmmaker), Sofiane Saidi (musician), Lila Lakehal (artist), Nadia Leïla Aïssaoui (sociologist, feminist and member of Fonds pour les Femmes en Méditerranée), Sam Azzi (actor, director, script writer), Rosa Moussaoui (reporter), Hanane Semane, Wassyla Tamzali (writer and feminist activist), Noureddine Benhamed (collectif Nedham), Mustapha Belhocine (writer, filmmaker, musician), Leila Sebbar (writer), Amina Lakri, ...

Ankh association has been established by a group of activists from Egypt who have moved to France in recent years due to the difficult situation there. Our aim is to support minority rights in the Euromediterranean region.


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