Project plan 2019-2020


After a first year of existence full of activities and encounters, ANKH’s motto for the coming year 2019-2020 will be efficiency and coherence.


Indeed, numerous projects have been implemented in year 2018-2019, which still need to be developed, and new projects will also start this year, so it is important that all projects are being well managed and coherent to ANKH’ s mission and objectives. Besides, our fields of action and beneficiaries audiences need to be redefined according to both our experience from last year and our new challenges and strategies. All of this will also include changes in the general organization of the association in order to reach more efficiency and long-lasting actions.

For the coming year 2019-2020, our activities will be organized into 3 poles, each of them targeting a specific audience: LGBTIQ community, people living with HIV, and artists.


Our field of action stays the Euro-Mediterranean region as a whole, and specifically France and Egypt, where most of our projects are already taking place. In each of these categories, we will also specifically focus on the people who had to leave their country of origin to resettle into a new one – migrants, asylum seekers… - because they are confronted to the biggest challenges. This will this be a red line in our action this year.