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Taha Metwally BIO

Taha Metwally is Egyptian, graduated from the Cairo University, Education College. He holds a Magister in Kindergarten Psychology and a French State diploma in specialized education.

He started his path as a Human Rights defender before the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, as a member of the Liberal Youth Union. He focuses mainly on defending minorities' rights, including religious minorities, LGBTIQ+, homeless children, drop-out children...At a professional level, he has worked in many local and international organizations concerned with children's rights, such as the Egyptian Center for Social Development and Watan Foundation. In 2013 he worked as an Office Director at the Egyptian Ministry of Education. In 2016-2017, he was the center's director welcoming refugees’ children and families in collaboration with UNICEF and the Swiss NGO Terre des Hommes.

​At the same time, he has always been involved in the LGBTIQ community, organizing the first edition of the Egyptian Day against homophobia and supporting people living with HIV.

He moved to France in 2018, where he regularly works as a consultant on collaboration projects between France and Egypt, for organizations such as UNICEF or UNESCO. He is the co-founder of the association ANKH, defending the rights of the minorities in the Southwest Asia and North Africa area, and the coordinator of the Egyptian-French Initiative for the Rights and Freedoms.

Taha has extensive experience in accompanying NGOs for Participatory grantmaking, as well as in the building and governance of LGBTQI+ organizations. Additionally, he is adept in advocacy with international mechanisms such as the United Nations, the European Union, and local parliaments.

He serves as a gender advocacy consultant within the LGBTQI+ movement in the Arab world and Lecturer specializing in racism, homophobia, and gender.


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