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Egypt: European Parliament calls on Member states and other EU institutions to stand with activists defending the rights of LGBTQI people and women face continuous repression



ANKH supports the European Parliament’s adoption of an urgency resolution on Egypt during its Thursday, October 24th plenary session.


The resolution calls on the Egyptian authorities to: immediately and unconditionally release all human rights defenders detained or sentenced merely for carrying out their legitimate and peaceful human rights work, including Eman Al-Helw, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Ramadan, Abdelrahman Tarek, Ezzat Ghoneim, Haytham Mohamadeen, Alaa Abdel Fattah, Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy, Mahienour El-Masry, Mohamed El-Baqer and Esraa Abdel Fattah, and to immediately ascertain the whereabouts of Ibrahim Ezz El-Din; further calls for the release of human rights defenders, academics and others in pre-trial detention under the ‘Coalition Hope’ case, including Zyad el-Elaimy, Hassan Barbary and Ramy Shaath, as well as members of the Bread and Freedom Party, the Al-Dostour party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party recently detained without credible grounds for criminal charges; pending their release, calls on Egypt to disclose their location, to allow them full access to their families, lawyers of their choice and adequate medical care, and to conduct credible investigations into any allegations of ill-treatment or torture;


The European Parliament further calls on EU Member States to:


Calls for an end to all acts of violence, incitement, hate speech, harassment, intimidation, enforced disappearances and censorship directed at human rights defenders, lawyers, protesters, journalists, bloggers, trade unionists, students, children, women’s rights activists, LGBTI people, civil society organisations, political opponents and minorities by state authorities, security forces and services and other groups in Egypt; calls for an independent and transparent investigation into all human rights violations and for those responsible to be held to account; underlines that respect for human rights is the only way to ensure Egypt’s long-term stability and security;

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