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“La Bulle”: A Project for Mutual Aid and Support


ANKH Association (Arab Network for Knowledge about Human Rights) is proud to be part of an exciting project that aims to provide concrete mutual aid and support for the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQI+ community. Founded in 2018 by a group of human rights defenders from Egypt, who had to relocate to France due to the political risks in their home country, ANKH has been working tirelessly to address the challenges faced by marginalized individuals.


In a bustling world city like Paris, invisibilized members of the LGBTQI+ minority, such as those who are exiled, people of color, transgender, precarious, or people living with HIV, often require additional support. The availability of LGBTQI+ social spaces can be scarce, exclusionary, or financially inaccessible, while mutual aid and support spaces tend to be compartmentalized.


Located at 22 rue Malher in the heart of the Marais, a historic district of significant symbolic importance for the LGBTQI+ community, La Bulle is entirely dedicated to users and visitors seeking support, visibility, openness, and inclusion. This vast space offers invaluable opportunities to foster a sense of community and provide much-needed assistance.


La Bulle is a collaborative effort, bringing together seven associations that share space, skills, and offices. Each founding association, despite varying in size and age, has developed a strong presence in their respective field and possesses expertise in supporting specific groups within the LGBTQI+ community. Let's take a closer look at these associations and their areas of focus:


  • ANKH: ANKH is dedicated to supporting the LGBTQI+ community from/in Arab countries.

  • ARDHIS: This organization provides support for LGBTQI+ individuals in exile and bi-national LGBTQI+ couples.

  • Espace Santé Trans: Focusing on the health of trans-identified individuals, this association plays a vital role in promoting well-being.

  • Front Transfem FLIRT: This collective is centered on self-support and empowerment for transfeminist individuals.

  • OUTrans: A feminist self-support association that offers assistance to trans people.

  • Wassla: Wassla supports LGBTQI+ individuals from the Arab world, ensuring their unique needs are met.

  • XY Media: France's first transfeminist audiovisual media, XY Media, amplifies the voices and experiences of transgender individuals.


In conclusion, La Bulle, is a significant step toward providing concrete mutual aid and support for the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQI+ community. By bringing together various associations under one roof and creating a safe and inclusive space in the heart of the Marais, La Bulle promises to address the challenges faced by those who are often marginalized and overlooked. ANKH remains committed to supporting and empowering individuals at the intersection of different forms of discrimination, and La Bulle serves as a beacon of hope and resilience for the LGBTQI+ community in Paris.

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