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Privacy Policy

What are you doing with my data?

We use the information we collect from you to help provide:

  • health and well-being services

  • training

  • keep you up to date with the latest news on ANKH association, our fundraising and campaigning

  • get your feedback on our events and services to help us make sure we are providing the best services possible

  • help us with our staff and volunteer recruitment

To help us do the above we have to collect personal information from you so we can keep in touch or to help provide you with a support depending on the service you are accessing. This will be shared with ANKH association staff and volunteers only unless otherwise stated.

Can I delete my data?

You can ask to have your data removed from our mailing lists at any time. You can do this by clicking on the unsubscribe at the bottom of all of our mailshots and bulletins. You have a right to the erasure of your data, please contact us in the first instance for any such requests.

Do you share my data with other organisations?

We use your data to improve your experience. We do no share your data with third parties unless you ask us or give us your permission to share it for example if you agree for us to share the information with an organisation we are working on a joint project with. We may share information with a third party if it is required for funding purposes, however this is made explicit when the data is collected. Information will be shared with the police if there is a safeguarding risk that has arisen.

When we share your data inside ANKH association

We might share your data across different parts of ANKH association for research, analysis, or marketing purposes to help us improve the service and support we offer. We provide full staff and volunteer training for anyone owning or handling your data.

How do we keep your information up to date?

We will ask on an annual basis if you still wish to be contacted through our bulletin. There is a responsibility for you to keep us updated with any changes to your personal data if it is required for access to one of our services. This is to make sure we hold as accurate information as possible. Personal information gathered as part of our service user delivery will only be used and held for as long as specified on that particular contract. This is generally 7 years for clinical contracts."

How can I access data you have on me?

Contact us in the first instance for any such requests. We will provide you with a subject access request form in order to process these requests properly.

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