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European workshop for migrants involved in defending LGBTQIA rights


- share information, knowledge and  practices between LGBTQIA  defenders from the MENA region who have recently moved to Europe;

- train activists and community leaders on LGBTQIA situation in the MENA region and advocacy skills;

- contribute to the building of an international network of activists and organizations working on LGBTQIA topics in the MENA and Europe.

In the recent years, political and social changes in different countries from the  MENA region contributed to creating an atmosphere where it was sometimes easier for members and defenders of the LGBTQIA community to express themselves and fight for their rights.

But the political instability or the rise of more repressive regimes in some countries also put the lives of many of these activists in danger. Subsequently, many of them decided to leave their country of origin for different European countries. Here, they are confronted with many challenges, among them the isolation and lack of social networks or community organizations to which they can belong.

For these reasons, the workshop  will gather LGBTQIA defenders  and activists from the MENA

region currently residing in  Europe, to share their experience in their respective country of

origin, their personal stories since they left their country, and the  challenges that they are facing in

Europe. The workshop will be focusing on developing advocacy skills, oriented towards explaining and defending the situation of  LGBTQIA communities in the  MENA region to a European audience. In this way, the participants in the workshop will be given tools and knowledge to work more effectively with European organizations and institutions in order to promote social change in their respective countries of origin.

Content of the workshop: 

- Exchange of experience between the participants, on the LGBTQIA situation in  their country of origin (1/2 day)

- Exchange of experience between the  participants on the challenges they are confronted to in Europe (1/2 day)

- Concepts and definitions of the  LGBTQIA community (1/2 day)

- Presentation of the LGBTQIA current situation in the MENA region (1/2 day)

- European legislations on LGBTQIA topics (1/2 day)

- European legislations on migration and  asylum (1/2 day)

- Public talk with guest speakers (1/2 day)

- Advocacy skills (1 1⁄2 day)

- Entertainment and cultural events (movie screenings, concert...)

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