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The antiretroviral treatment ‘dolutégravir’ has not been available for people living with HIV in Egypt for more than a month now. After the urgent call to action emitted by the Know More campaign team, asking to find a quick solution to this issue, numerous people have reached out to the campaign, some have contacted the Abbasiya Hospital on this matter, some contacted members of the Health Committee of the Egyptian Parliament or even the Ministry of Health, but until now the problem has not been resolved.

At the same time, we keep receiving messages from people living with HIV demanding a quick solution to the problem, as their lives are currently at risk.

We, therefore, ask you to act quickly in order to save the lives of people living with HIV and ensure that this crisis does not happen again.

You can send you the following text in an official letter addressed to the President of the Republic of Egypt, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi:

"Mr. President, we call on you to intervene immediately in order to save the people of the country living with HIV, while there the treatment ‘dolutégravir’ has not been available for more than a month, and since none of the concerned parties have managed to take any successful action to resolve the crisis. The situation is extremely dangerous to the lives of people living with HIV, and contrary to your mission to promote health care, medication, and treatment to your people. "

> You can send the letter to the President of the Republic through different ways:

1. By registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic.
2. By fax to the Office of the Ombudsman, Presidency of the Republic.
3. By e-mail:

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