On December 4,  2019, the Public Prosecution successfully appealed to the Criminal Court of Cairo’s decision to release human rights defender Eman Al-Helw and Husam Ahmed. They have subsequently been sent back to preventive detention for an additional 45 days. The Criminal Court of Cairo had initially granted the release of Eman Al-Helw And Hussam Ahmed under precautionary measures on December 3, 2019.

It is currently more dangerous to criticize the government in Egypt than at any time in the country’s recent history. Egyptians living under President al-Sisi are treated as criminals simply for peacefully expressing their opinions.

We are once again calling on the Egyptian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Eman Al-Helw and Husam Ahmed and drop all charges against them. Their imprisonment for peacefully expressing their opinions is an affront to the right to freedom of expression guaranteed by Egypt’s own constitution and its international obligations, as well as the right to privacy, right to be free from torture, and other Human rights.

Ankh association has been established by a group of activists from Egypt who have moved to France in recent years due to the difficult situation there. Our aim is to support minority rights in the Euromediterranean region.

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