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Malak Al-Kashef sends a message asking to support Hossam Ahmed

“Dear all,



I would like to introduce myself to you as the Egyptian trans- woman Malak El Kashef, I was arrested under case 1739/2018.

First I would like to thank all of you for your help in pressuring the Egyptian government to release me on 15 July 2019, and for documenting my case which also helped in my release. 

I would like to take this chance to remind you of the transgender Hossam Ahmed who was arrested for the same case as mine. Hossam Ahmed is still under the custody of the Egyptian authorities.

I would like to ask everyone to support him the same way I was supported and to write about him the same way everyone wrote about me.

Because Hossam’s conditions are as violent as how my condition was. He is detained in very inhuman conditions and he is subjected to multiple types of abuse that are meant to humiliate and degrade him.

I believe that you will help him and support him as a part of a minority group - LGBTIQ - in Egypt whose members are suffering a lot from different types of abuse. He also needs support as a citizen who didn't earn his constitutional right to protest. 

I am sending you this message through the ANKH association in France which was responsible for the advocacy campaign in Europe during my incarceration.

Malak El-Kashef




Click here for more information on Malak El-Kashef, and here for more information on Hossam's case

You can find the message in Arabic and French here

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