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This year, Pride Month coincided with the 20th commemoration of the Queen Boat incident in Egypt, and the first anniversary of Sarah Hegazy's passing.

On this occasion, ANKH has organized, along with our partners, various panel discussions to tackle different issues that the Arab LGBTQI+ community is facing. 

We dedicate this series of events to the memory of Sarah Hegazy, a strong, communist, feminist, queer, Egyptian woman whose struggle will always inspire us; and to all the brave LGBTQI+ individuals all over the world who keep fighting for their rights and for a better future for all of us.

 First commemoration for Sarah Hegazy's passing

First commemoration for Sarah Hegazy's passing - MENA Lesbian and Queer Women’s Pride Day  With Shahinaz Abd el Salam, Abir Mars, Malak El-Kashif Discussion in Arabic

The situation of the LGBTQI+ community in Egypt

Panel discussion co-hosted by SIL (Soliarité Internationale LGBTQI+).

With Noor Sultan, Shahinaz Abdelsalam, Nada Ahmed, moderated by Robert Simon

Discussion in English

The situation of migrants and refugees

The situation of Egyptian LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees

With Rania Youssef, Nada Elbanna, Abanoub Elias

Discussion in Arabic

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