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Help at-risk



Number of individuals requesting help during 2023






Activists were released from ANKH international advocacy.

17000 euro

Urgent financial assistance during 2023

ANKH Association (Arab Network for Knowledge about Human Rights)

was founded in 2018 by a group of Human Rights defenders from Egypt, who had to explain France as a consequence of the political risks existing in their home country.


About Us

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Our focuses 

ANKH Association focuses on the rights of sexual and gender minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean and SWANE region. As ANKH, we are committed to ensuring the equity of Human Rights in general, and tackle the discriminations against migrants, the LGBTQI+ community, refugees, and people living with HIV in particular. Our work also focuses on art and culture as a means to contribute to the protection of Human Rights, by organizing workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and networking events for Arab and European independent artists.

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