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According to UNAIDS there are 16,000 cases of people living with HIV in Egypt with 2,300 new cases in 2017 only, which reflects the limitation of the Egyptian state in the field of awareness, testing, counselling, prevention and treatment. 

There are 24 centers in 18 provinces monitored by  the Egyptian Ministry of Health. Individuals are afraid to go there for examination and advice as individuals are subjected to stigma and discrimination and not to keep their information confidential as individuals are forced to share their name and personal identification number. Centers run by civil society organizations have all been closed down in recent years.


Even after one has been tested HIV positive, the process to get access to treatment is long, complicated, and includes again stigma and discrimination. The average time between being tested positive and starting the treatment in Egypt is between 6 to 12 months.


In January 2019, Ankh association shared a number of complaints from various individuals living with HIV, regarding the lack of availability of some kind of HIV medicine in Egypt for several weeks.


On August 2019, an HIV patient was violently expelled from a hospital in Kafr al-Zayat, a city in the Gharbia governorate, where he was coming for a lung check.


May 2019

The medication  is available and the problem is solved

April 2019

The health ministry says the problem will be solved in two weeks

April 2019

Communication with journalists in Egypt to write about the subject

March 2019
We received complaints from people living with HIV  that the medication is not available in Egypt


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